Lady Aunyah

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The Lady Aunyah is a Gull class light freighter, Captained by the sub-space copy of Captain Xane Hawkins (now using the name Carter Hawkins) and crewed by the other sub-space copies of The Shadow-Chaser crew and others. A typical example of freighters of this class, the Lady Aunyah has been given a "defensive" upgrade by the crew. The Lady Aunyah is registered as an Independent Free Trader and, therefore, not restricted by many political sanctions or trade blocks that would restrict other ships from operating. This IFT status is not inexpensive, however, and the crew must work diligently to earn enough to pay the IFT fees and still earn a profit.


The Lady Aunyah is armed with a Light Auto-Cannon turret, just over the aft section of the hull. The ship is also equipped with a single, forward firing Gauss Cannon and a pair of light missile launchers.

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